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The first days of a lifetime together are a memory to cherish. What could be a better setting for starting a lifelong journey than crystal clear ocean and blue sky? Wake up in the most romantic cabin ever designed, spend the day exploring the ocean and the islands, have a bottle of champagne and the most beautiful kiss while watching the sunset, grill lobsters for dinner, dive into each others eyes under the stars, swim naked in the moon light, fall asleep in each other’s arms – smiling. We will take care of the rest.


The most undiscovered archipelago in the world: marine life is abundant, coral reefs are untouched, islands are counted in thousands, beaches in millions. Unique tribal cultures are still maintaining their centuries old traditions and rituals. Explore the depths of the sea and the land, hunt for antiques, encounter whales and observe Komodo dragons, be the first man to put your foot on the pink sand of a remote island, take part in mystical ancient ceremonies on your Indonesian Yacht Charter with Alexa. You are the Captain, you decide where the journey takes you – we will be your local guides.


Forget the world around you: dive into yoga, meditation, healing and life style coaching with our Holistic Master. Getting to be your pure self again is nothing but pleasure when the world around you is so pristine and wonderfully full of energy – we will support you on your journey.

ALEXA is also available for day cruises – dates and prices upon request.

See a sample itinerary for 9 Days/8 Nights Charter: Bali - Moyo - Komodo - Labuan Bajo